Why do my Infrared devices seem to respond differently?

Every Infrared controlled device tends to respond differently, as designed by the manufacturer. For example some TV's respond very fast to a button press on their existing remote, while others respond rather slow.

Infrared SmartQueue

SPIN remote aims to overcome those differences via its unique Infrared SmartQueue feature. Infrared commands are being queued, meaning that you can control the same volume or channel range independent of how fast (or how slow) you are rotating. Controlling your Infrared devices has become more intuitive.

You can cancel the queue (stop sending) by rotating SPIN remote 1 "click" (vibration feedback) in the other direction or by moving SPIN remote to another orientation. The Infrared SmartQueue will for example come in handy when you want to browse through your TV channels or change the volume of your receiver over a wider range.

Try for yourself

You can experience the Infrared SmartQueue for yourself by, for example, configuring your SPIN remote to change channels when rotating right side up. Give it a SPIN and you will see your TV moving through channels even when you stop rotating. When you get close to the channel you would like to watch, rotate your SPIN remote 1 "click" in the other direction to stop. You can then rotate SPIN remote slowly to fine adjust the channel.

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