iOS App v0.7

New functionality:

  • In this version of the app we have included a new version of the SPIN remote firmware which enables more profile switching gestures. It's no longer limited to when SPIN remote is standing on a hard surface:

  • As long as you don't "kill" the app by swiping it up in the "recent apps" view, SPIN remote should stay connected and will automatically reconnect as long as your iPhone/iPad comes near. This has been optimized for very low power consumption. Make sure to restart the app if one of the following happens: disabling bluetooth, enabling airplane mode or rebooting your iPhone/iPad. SPIN remote will lose the connection in all of these cases because of limitations in iOS.
  • New introduction flow to guide the user through the initial setup.
  • When you use your SPIN remote, the corresponding gesture will vibrate on the screen while in the app in gesture view.
  • Added SPIN remote firmware This release includes new profile switching gestures, improved stability and improved 3D motion detection. Work that was done on the motion detection algorithms lays the groundwork for filtering unwanted actions.


  • Various small bugfixes for little niggles in the app.


  • Reconnect system. 
  • Sonos automatically unmutes on play.
  • Smart device detection on boot.
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