Android App v0.9.5.0

New functionality:

  • In this version of the app we have included a new version of the SPIN remote firmware which enables more profile switching gestures. It's no longer limited to when SPIN remote is standing on a hard surface:

  • We have also introduced a background service. This service is optimized for low power consumption and will enable your Android device to automatically reconnect with your SPIN remote whenever it is nearby, regardless of whether the app is running. The only caveat is that bluetooth should be on, otherwise there is of course no way for the smartphone/tablet to communicate with SPIN remote.
  • Added SPIN remote firmware This release includes new profile switching gestures, improved stability and improved 3D motion detection. Work that was done on the motion detection algorithms lays the groundwork for filtering unwanted actions.


  • Various small bugfixes for little niggles in the app.


  • SPIN remote detection speed.
  • Added background service - Even when your App is not running, your phone will stay connected to your SPIN remote and handle smart functions.
  • Auto start on boot - When you boot your phone, the SPIN remote service will automatically start.
  • Improved Bluetooth.
  • Improved Philips Hue.
  • Added shake animation in the actions screen - When performing a SPIN remote action, the corresponding action image in the App will shake as well.
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