Android App v0.9.6.6

 New functionality:

  • The SPIN remote Engineering team is proud to announce that standalone infrared and profile switching has arrived! This highly anticipated feature is a huge improvement to SPIN remote SDC-1! After you've taught infrared commands to SPIN remote SDC-1 you can now use them and switch profiles without needing to have a connection to your smartphone or tablet.
  • If you're trying to send out a smart function (for instance dimming or brightening your Philips Hue lights) while not connected with the app, SPIN remote SDC-1 will now glow red three times to indicate that you need a connection:

  • A new introduction flow has been implemented for new users/fresh app installs:

  • A SPIN remote SDC-1 without any profile setup will light up with a rainbow effect:


  • Added SPIN remote SDC-1 firmware v1.0.7.28. This huge update enables standalone infrared and profile switching in SPIN remote SDC-1. Improved device stability and new LED functionality is also implemented. A lot of work has also gone into preparing for configurable sensitivity and the improved infrared engine, both of which will be coming soon!


  • Fixed not being able to find SPIN remote SDC-1 on certain devices.
  • Various small bugfixes for little niggles in the app.
  • App crashed on some devices.


  • Improved SPIN remote SDC-1 discovery process. 
  • Improved background service.
  • Improved Philips Hue.
  • Improved app for tablets.
  • Updated licenses.
  • Added white color support to Philips Hue light color selection.
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