Warranty policy

Guarantees and Liability

  1. The Consumer is entitled to the legal warranty. SPIN remote provides a one-year guarantee on the Product for normal use by the Consumer. The guarantee period commences as soon as the Consumer has received the product.
  2. The Consumer loses his/her right to the guarantee if the Product is damaged:
    1. on purpose or by the Consumer’s negligence;
    2. by improper use or inadequate maintenance;
    3. due to normal wear and tear;
    4. by not or insufficiently adhering to the operating instructions;
    5. by repairs made to the Products by any party other than SPIN remote.
  3. Within the limits of the law, per damage causing incident, SPIN remote’s liability, for whatever reason, is limited to a maximum of the net price that the Consumer paid or will pay for the purchase of the faulty, damaged or undelivered Product(s). Furthermore, in all cases the liability is limited to the sum of € 5,000.00 per incident. 
  4. SPIN remote is only liable for direct damage suffered. Amongst others, direct damage does not include: loss of income, loss of earnings, damage caused by it not being possible to place orders, loss of data, reduced goodwill or loss of savings.
  5. No guarantees or commitments will be given, other than those explicitly specified in these General Terms and Conditions. SPIN remote accepts no liability for damage as a result of defective materials, inadequate expertise or other causes, even in the event that these are a result of actions or inactions by SPIN remote’s own employees and representatives, unless the applicable laws prohibit such liability limitations. These liability limitations do not apply in case of intent or gross negligence by SPIN remote.
  6. No clause of the General Terms and Conditions may limit or preclude SPIN remote’s liability if statutory regulations of the applicable law prohibit such limitations or preclusions.
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