iOS App v0.8.4

Seeing as we didn't write comprehensive release notes for the previous two versions, all changes since the last release notes are included in here. This release introduces more functionality and improvements as usual! 

New functionality

  • LIFX support has been added to our arsenal! The second smart-lighting system that can be controlled with your SPIN remote SDC-1 is here.
  • Added support to add custom functions to your touchpad.
  • Integrated a new How-to section with video's from our Help Center.
  • The App is now also available in French


  • Ordering of UI elements synchronized with Android App. The Apps should look fairly identical now.
  • Proper iPad support. The UI isn't simply an enlarged iPhone interface.
  • A lot of smaller improvements and fixes for little niggles in the App.
  • Fixed update process on iOS 10 devices. iOS 10 changed some things on the Bluetooth side which kind of broke our update process. This has been fixed now.
  • Fixed issue where SPIN remote app could not connect to Philips Hue after an update to the Hue Bridge
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