Bang & Olufsen Infrared preset

The option to select Bang & Olufsen devices as Infrared preset for volume control, channel switching and on/off. The corresponding Infrared commands will then be automatically programmed into your SPIN remote.


In order to transmit information (like volume or channel control) to the Infrared receiver on your TV, the transmitting Infrared LED in your remote will blink very fast for a fraction of a second. Consumer Infrared (link) typically uses a frequency between 33 and 60kHz. A very common frequency is 38kHz.

A high quality Infrared receiver chip, like the one you will find in SPIN remote, can detect Infrared signals with a frequency between 20 and 60kHz. SPIN remote combines the best possible hardware and software, allowing end users to learn commands from almost any Infrared remote on the market today.

Bang & Olufsen is one of the very few companies that decided to use an Infrared frequency outside of the common spectrum. The BeoRemote One and Beo4 remote control for example use an Infrared frequency of 455kHz for Bang & Olufsen products. This unfortunately means that a universal remote control cannot learn from a B&O remote.

Source: http://www.bang-olufsen.com/en/picture/remotes/beo4

Original request by: Henry de Kuijer.

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