Tasker Plugin for Android

The ability to use the spin remote to call tasker profiles on the bluetooth connected android device.

I personally use tasker events to fire off to my custom built home automation system (I'm not using Phillips hue as currently supported)

so I would like to perform a gesture on the spin which would trigger a tasker task on my phone which is connected by bluetooth to the Spin remote.  This would then allow me to perform any tasker task including sending commands to my home automation server.

It would provide a lot of flexibility and allow users to control devices which aren't fully supported by the Spin out of the box




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Evangelos Fragkos

With Tasker and IFTTT it will really take off to another level!

Ben janssen

This would enable so many things
I run Tasker for Wake on Lan and auto shut down of my pc with shortcuts on my phone, if this gets implemented with the multiple commands over one gesture it will be amazing
Actually turning everything on with one gesture!

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