Configurable Infrared SmartQueue

The option for end users to enable/disable the Infrared SmartQueue for SPIN remote rotate functions via the App.


Every Infrared controlled device tends to respond differently, as designed by its manufacturer. SPIN remote aims to overcome those differences via its unique Infrared SmartQueue feature. Infrared commands are being queued, meaning that you can control the same volume or channel range independent of how fast (or how slow) you are rotating.

See: Why do my Infrared devices seem to respond differently?

With the Infrared SmartQueue disabled, SPIN remote will only send a few commands (like volume up or volume down) to your Infrared device when you rotate very fast. This is due to the fact that sending a command takes a certain amount of time and by rotating faster, there is simply less time to send commands (hence the queue). However, depending on the use case this might be exactly what you want.

Original request by: Jan Saris

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