Reuse Infrared commands

The option for end users to reuse previously learned Infrared commands.


Currently you need to learn an Infrared command for every Infrared action you configure. This means that if you create different profiles with the same device functions, like TV volume control, you must learn the same Infrared commands (volume up/down) multiple times.

With this new feature you would be able to save an Infrared command set the first time, for example as "TV volume", after which you can reuse it in other profiles.

Original request by: Jan Saris

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Thor-Magne Sævareid

If at all possible it would be nice if it could be reused between different Spin remotes as well. I have two and while I could steal my wife's phone to configure the other, it'd be nice if I could just pre-load the remote with the right IR commands without doing that and relearning them all.

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