Easy POWER on/off

The concept of this remote is great but it's lacking one thing:


An easy way to Power ON/OFF any device !

It's quite cumbersome to only have a Power on/off programming slot using the touchscreen Swipe mode (up and down).

It really takes away from the entire concept.

For instance: in order to turn on your TV and Soundbar you have to:

1> pick up the remote

2> turn it up side down

3> make a swipe gesture (which often fails as fingers get in the way or it doesn't orientate properly)

4> one of your devices turns on


Then you have to double tap in order to switch Profiles, which normally only works when it's turned back up.  and then proceed to do all the steps again.


I mean, what is the point of a Revolutionary remote if these basic features are a LOT more work and time coonsuming than picking up a factory remote and press 2 buttons ?


Suggested features:


Using a swift Right-Left-Right twist in order to trigger the profiles ON/OFF command.

This would allow the Remote to sit comfortably in it's current position and doesn't require and pciking up, tilting and using the touchpad.

Don't get me wrong, the touchpad serves it purpose for complex commands but in order to simply turn a device it should be something quick and easy like a push or as suggested a quick twist combination.




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Official comment

De Jin Khouw

Hi guys,

when this feature requests gets enough votes the engineering team will look in the technical feasibility of the request. Meanwhile, concerning on/off functionality, I can tell you that our engineers are putting the finishing touches on custom touchpad functionality that will also include some on/off features. I know that it's still on the touchpad, but it will be for pressing on the touchpad instead of swiping over it, which has been more difficult for some customers. As it stands this feature will go to beta in 1-2 weeks, first for iOS and then for Android.

Hang in there, we're constantly improving the product!

Evangelos Fragkos

Bravo Sergio, it's good to see that I wasn't the only one thinking about that!

The solution you mentioned is great and i support it 100%.As a user/customer,I believe that the developers have to do sth about that.

Moreoever as an investor through Symbid I believe they must do it otherwise it will lose all this "glory" we felt after seeing the initial video and wanted to back and invest a revolutionary and smart remote.Otherwise people will just press 1 button and turn on their devices.

Keep up the good work.

Sergio Kreeft

Thank you Evangelos,


I really hope others feel the same as this is the most basic function for ordinary IR remote controlled devices.

At this time this function is too cumbersome as stated before and could be made a lot easier with smart programming (fast twisting back & forth as suggested as a trigger method).

Let's hope others feel the same way and the dev team will start working on this.


Good evening

I am sorry to say that swipe for turning off or on a device does not work. Take it easy and put the power on/off button under the E button. Long press Turn device On/Off Short pres is the OK button. Problem solved :-) The E button is always in the right position


Sergio Kreeft

Indeed that would work too !

I am disappointed to see that nobody on the development team responds to this issue.
I thought this was the whole point of such a crowdfunded project and user feedback.
The most basic function (turn ON OFF) is not working efficiently.

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