IP control Ziggo Horizon TV

Ziggo has an app to control the Horizon TV box using your iPhone/iPad. It would be great if the SPIN remote could be used to send the same ip control codes as the Ziggo app. This would give full control over my Horizon TV box, instead of only the limited IR command set, even when the box is in a closed cabinet.


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Arjen Otto

I would like that 2


I may have a Solution. There is an App in the Playstore named Any Mote Smart remote.
This app does have a template for the Horizon (Ziggo) Box.
It enables me to switch the Horizon (Ziggo) Box by infrared of my mobile phone.

I tried to program Spinremote, but each time I change between Apps I can't program Spinremote because the app changes to background.
I tried to program Spinremote with an IPhone, but then my other Settings on the Spinremote are gone.
I use 3 profiles (HTPC, Beamer, TV). If I try to program the profile on the horizon Ziggo) box with another mobile phone the other profiles are gone.

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